the benefits of academia


It must be nice to be an authority on a subject.  I was trying to think what I might be an authority on, and none of it is of any real consequence.  I can tell you which sushi place in Chilliwack will fit your budget and desired quality level…  I can tell you which tennis courts are most likely to be vacant on a beautiful summer’s day, around Sardis.  I could tell you, at great lengths, how having a speed-restricted scooter really is the best way to get around town, financially speaking.
I suppose I could be the authority on how to be passive-aggressive through a comic strip.  I want to be clear:  I am not anti-intellectual, I think academia is great!  I also think academics can be impatient towards the common man.  Being a common man who, from time to time, puts up with the eccentricities of the educated, i guess it would just be nice if the favour was returned?  So than, my hypocrisy is revealed!  Educated people are humans too.  What right do I have to demand of my educated peers that they have more patience than I?  Absolutely none.
…Which is why I won’t be getting my Masters any time soon.  I think I have a bit more growing and spiritual maturing to do before I get into it.