Happy “buy rob an ice-cream cake” day!


I’m sure i’ve told this story here before, but what-the-hey, i’ll tell it again.
So bad at pranking and getting pranked am I, that one year, living in a two bedroom apartment with three other guys, my roommates officially declared it “buy rob an ice-cream cake” day because… Well, it all goes like this.

Rent is due on the first of each month, so when I paid the rent, my landlord said to me “The police stopped by looking for Andrew.  Seemed important.  Are you guys up to anything sketchy?”  And we weren’t up to anything sketchy, but we were breaking TONS of rental rules (we painted, kinda… made a whole in the carpet, we had 2 extra guys living there, etc)  So I phone Andrew, who was at work, and passed along the message.  My landlord really did make it seem like a big deal, and so I thought it was!  I mean, he’s our landlord!  SO!

I called Andrew, gave him the message, and he was in a bit of a panic understandably so, and I left it with him and head into work.  At the time, work was an intense 10 hour day at the church I currently work at that consisted of prepping and planning the music for Wednesday night and Sunday morning, meeting with as many team members for lunch/coffee as I could, and about a million other odd-jobs.  When I got to work, I got a phone call from a different one of my room mates telling me that the girl I was ABSOLUTELY head-over-heels for had come up to him, asked about me, and given him a note to give to me!  At this point, I think I had had one or two interactions with her, where I learned her name and that she didn’t follow library rules… so! I WAS ECSTATIC!  and I was bragging about it to everyone at church!  and thinking about it all day long, and all night, until I eventually got to go home, and found out it was just an april fool’s day prank.

The WORST part, for me, was that it was a retaliatory prank!  Because, when Andrew phoned the cops and they were all, “We don’t know who you are or what your are talking about, we weren’t asking after you”, he thought I pranked him and pranked him good… And so my three other roommates came up with a way to get me back!  But I hate pranks, and would never knowingly prank anyone.  So, I was pretty disappointed, heart-broken even.  And pretty mad too.  So they bought me an icecream cake to cheer me up!  And it did the job.

Long story!  and I eventually married Diana, who was the girl I thought I got a note from, so that worked out too.  And the library rule she breaks, aside from talking at full volume, is eating food in the library!  CRAZY I KNOW.