you’ve let me down for the last time, iTunes


One of my favourite parts about being married is having someone to share all my stupid jokes with.  Once in a while, when I think my stupid joke is pretty funny and un-top-able, Diana will really pull through and one up me!  It leaves me speechless!  Even if it’s actually really funny, I don’t usually laugh when she one up’s me, because Diana is usually laughing hard enough for both of us!  Which is another one of my favourite parts about being married.

Take today’s comic for example!  This happened verbatim.  In this case, I said “shuf-fail”, and I thought it was funny and smirked to myself.  Then Diana said it wasn’t funny, and called it a “Shauf-fail”, (shauf being my last name), and then she laughed and laughed and laughed.  I had to admit, it was better then mine! haha.  Either way, we still had to go over and change the song MANUALLY.

So why didn’t I make the punch-line to the comic, “this is a shauf-fail?”  Cause neither of the characters is named “shauf”, and while I am, I don’t feel like breaking the fourth wall.  Maybe that’s a shauf-fail?  whatevs.  Have a great wednesday everyone!