…but you get to build it yourself!


Yes, i know, it is possible to eat for less then a fiver’ at the local Swedish embassy.  But who does?  Who goes to Ikea and eats a 50 cent hot-dog?  No-one.  They add a yoghurt and a cinnamon bun.  Not a lot of money, that would set you back what, like $4.00 tops?  but then your thirsty, so have a dollar coffee, and because you’ve been walking around ikea for 5+ hours, it’s time for supper.

Yesterday, walking around Ikea, I heard a lady in her frustration yell “THEY’RE HERDING US LIKE CATTLE IN HERE” as she was, i can only assume, scrambling to find the exit.  This is not hyperbole, this actually happened.

The problem with the Ikea cafeteria is the same problem with Ikea in general, which isn’t a problem for Ikea but for its unsuspecting victims.  You go there for one item, like a dish washer scrubby brush with a suction cup on one end, and you end up buying a billion little DIY projects.  You go there for a cinnamon bun, and you end up getting organic pasta with ligonberry juice with a side of roasted chicken and veggie lasagne.  Forget about McDonalds, movie theaters, car salesmen…  IKEA is the KING of the up-sell, and they do it without having anyone say anything.  They do it with their dis-arming “swedish guy” advertisements, their fancy showrooms, and the promise of… Hmm.  comfort? trendiness?  I don’t know.

Anyways, I can’t really hate on ikea, I’ve had my fair share of their products.