a comic for the scientists


There are plenty of good comics, like XKCD, and diagram comics, and other poorly drawn math-or-science based gag-a-days that are really funny/require me to scour wikipedia to figure out why it’s a good joke.  MY comic has never been one of those.  There has been the odd two-level pun, but I leave that to my friend Steve Berk!  no, no… Good ol’ Charlie and his transparent friend do not fit into the category of “intellectually stimulating”.  Well, I mean, hopefully they are in their own way!  I’ve got a couple puns going on here, but i mean, some of them require some pretty odd mental gymnastics… Let’s see, I count… 4?  Hopefully there are more accidental puns!

Anyways, Comic!  Yesterday, Charlie broke a hole in the wall… and today, he broke the 4th wall!  Tomorrow, WHO KNOWS!  have a great wednesday everyone!