people post the darndest things


I was on the Rdio of one of my favourite semi-local hip-hop personalities, and i was reading a bunch of the reviews and comments, you know, learnin’ stuff… when ALL OF A SUDDEN, there was a comment that said something like “(artist’s name) would kill himself laughing if he knew a bunch of white boys were commenting on his music.”  which kinda sucks, because I guess I have to be a secret fan.  Seeing as “fan” is short for “fanatic”, i don’t really see how it’s possible to be a secret fanatic.

The internet!  it can be a very unwelcoming place.

For a second, i thought, “what if it’s true? what if (artist’s name) would laugh in my face if i walked up to him at a show and bought his merch?” Then I remembered that I read the comment on the internet, and it couldn’t be trusted.  FEWF.