Coffee the easter-dog


Fun facts about Bunnies!  They can get pregnant 24 hours after giving birth.  They can have up to 8 offspring a litter.. and they can birth a litter a month.  That means, in one year, an especially fertile bunny could have 96 offspring… although, i think that would be a pretty extreme case.

For a long time, people believed that bunnies were hermaphrodites, and didn’t need to have sex to reproduce!  But they do.  One theory i was reading says that this is how bunnies came to be associated with Easter… you know, because Jesus’ mom was a virgin, and bunnies didn’t need to lose their virginity to have offspring?  …a weird connection.

I think it’s probably more likely that bunnies and eggs were connected to spring fertility feasts/festivals that Easter assimilated… But I also read somewhere that they were symbols of passover, or that the German Christians somehow have their own way of associating bunnies with Easter…?  The internet’s FULL of ideas!

In any case, my puppy is WAY cuter than any of the creepy Easter bunnies currently circulating the internet, and I move that we start selling chocolate dogs instead of chocolate bunnies.  That is all.

Anyway, today is Good Friday.  If you aren’t a Christian, or maybe even if you are, you may think that it is strange that today is called “Good Friday” due to the fact that this is the day Christian’s remember Jesus’ brutal execution.  How can execution be good?  A quick google search shows that there are almost as many theories available as to why today is called “Good” as there are theories about why bunnies have anything to do with Easter.

Today, I remember that Jesus was killed.  I ponder why Jesus was killed.  It isn’t easy, or fun, or enjoyable… But it’s important.  and it’s good to do.  Shortest sermon ever.