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So i attended my first ever comic convention.  Vancouver’s FAN EXPO!  it was cool to meet some webcomic famous people, buy some merch without having to pay shipping costs, and getting stuff signed.  Here are my observations:

1)  Cos-play!  it’s everywhere.  All the guys dress like judge dredd which is awesome!  and now that I have a daughter, all I can say about the girl-cosplayers is i really wanted to give them parkas… it was not an especially warm day, and they were not especially dressed for the weather.
2)  I’m an awkward person when meeting internet celebrities!  BE COOL, DANGIT.
3)  I won’t ever be an attendee at a convention again, but I would love to go halfsies on a table and try to sell my stuff and just get to know other comic creators.  It really gave me motivation to build some inroads into the community.

That being said!  I saw Bruce Cambell and the dude who plays “Q” in startrek, so that was sweet.  Also, the lego-booth was cool!

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Valid Concerns. I LOATHE Crowds. It’s a claustrophobic thing.

Make sure to tell us how VANCAF goes.

Personally, if I saw an email signed with “May the Borg never find you.” I would be obligated to reply to said email.

I think the reasons i probably won’t go to a convention as an attendee is…
1) Crowds. I was constantly in the way, it was annoying.
2) If i’m reading the artist alley table-rental charts right… I wouldn’t have to sell a whole lot over the course of a weekend to make it cost similar to admission fees.
3) I really just want to meet other comic creators and talk process and whatnot… but every second i spend chattin’ is a second lost with someone who might actually buy something, so i mean, i guess i gotta find a different venue for that.

I’m gonna go to VANCAF though, which is sort of a convention? mainly cause it is free and I can spend money on merch instead of on entrance fees!

also- “May the Borg never find you” is legit, and i’m totally going to start signing my emails with that.

My thoughts on the above:

1. I’m jealous! I really wanna go, but with someone who UNDERSTANDS and is with my nerdy / geekness.

2. I’ve heard the Lego – Booth is so awesome.

3. Star Trek reference… You just bumped your coolness factor 10 fold. (Yes, I know for some, you just don’t get it. May the Borg never find you.)

4. I’ve gone to Sony Fan Fair ( now SOE Live ) a few times, and I can tell you even with just a small convention like that… yes Cosplay is EVERYWHERE!

5. If I met Wil Wheaton, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, or any other internet or otherwise geek referred to celebrity, I would be that babbling geek. They would have to tranquilize me somewhere. ( I kind was when I met Ms. Carlson aka Brasse in EQ2 at SOE Live. )

6. Why won’t you ever go to another convention again? The crowds? Aren’t weird enough? ( yea I don’t buy that ) Overwhelmed? The first convention is always overwhelming.

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