PSA: people are standing RIGHT BESIDE YOU.


Alright!  When I was in highschool, no one had cell phones.  I didn’t even see an ipod until my first year of college, and I didn’t even know about text messages until I was out of college.  Indulge me in revisiting the “good ol’ days”, aka, about ten years ago.

If you wanted to be mean to someone, you had to do it to their face.  If you wanted to flirt with someone, you had to risk public humiliation.  If you wanted to be kind to someone, everyone knew, and could judge you for it.  Notes could get intercepted, so you were a little more careful what you would write in them.  The risks were higher, and the rewards were about a billion times more satisfying.

But kids these days!  they seem to think that texts are as good as it gets, because it’s all they’ve ever experienced!  how sad.

It’s a little sick, how socially acceptable it is to sit with people and completely ignore them.  Heaven forbid, you’re the kid that actually wants to talk to people face to face, and puts your cell phone away!  That’s the kid who talks to adults, because none of the other kids know what to do with actual human interaction.

Ok, old man rant over.