SEMANTICS, i tell you!



Seriously!  include some instructions why don’cha!

If you’re following this comic through wordpress or email, thank-you so much!  It warms my heart, and I hope you are enjoying this comic!  I personally love the reader, it’s nice scrolling through all the blogs I like reading.

If you are following this comic through facebook, read on- I’m hoping to make some changes!

About a year ago, facebook changed how stuff shared on a person’s profile works!  I’ve had SO many people who used to read this strip come up to me and say, “Man, I LOVED charlie and the ghost!  Why did you quit?” and I say, “uh… I didn’t!” and they say, “really?  How come I don’t see your comics anymore?”  which kinda sucks!  I mean, i’m not world-famous, i need every fan I can get!  😀

So I stopped being lazy, bit the bullet and made a “charlie and the ghost webcomic facebook page”.  If you follow through facebook and want to see the comics in a more reliable fashion, please click “like” on the page!  In about a week, I’m gonna stop sharing the comics on my personal profile.



2014-6-27Girl guide cookies, Krispie Kreme doughnuts, bottle drives (which means you gotta drink coke), chocolate sales… MAN ALIVE!  Is there a way to raise funds that doesn’t involve sugar?  LET’S START A REVOLUTION!

I’m proposing that people sell CARROTS to raise funds, and people’s vision stats!

Have a great weekend everyone!  The girl in this comic is the grown-up version of my daughter!  yay!


you know, the big questions in life.

2014-6-26Drawing Charlie and the Ghost is a big part of my life.  There have been times when I thought it was a distraction, something I should give up so that I can better focus on the more-important-tasks-at-hand…  I’ve been doing it long enough that it has influenced how I think and how I process life, sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad ways… but I think if I were to stop drawing the comic, I would be frustrated with my inability to communicate.  This comic isn’t really an inhibitor as I feared, it is more of a catalyst.

That doesn’t mean my comics are amazing works of writing or art or whatever…  Most of the time, I mess up the punch line, or get lazy on the drawings… But, for some reason, drawing it helps me get through the day.  Some people clean the kitchen before they cook, some people check the air pressure on their tires before they drive, some people learn guitar with no intention of ever playing in public… I guess I’ve finally realized that this comic is just what I do.  It’s a big part of my life.




counterfeit dolla billz

2014-6-25I mean, who hasn’t tried to photocopy money?  i mean, like, as a kid?  not as an adult, cause that would land you in JAIL!  And maybe, even kids might go to kid-jail.  Juvee.  However you spell it.  I guess you probably shouldn’t photocopy money, is the moral to the story!  OR put pennies on train tracks, because a)  canada doesn’t make pennies anymore and they will be worth something some day and b)  that’s how TRAIN FIRES start.

I HATE getting counterfeit twenties.  It used to happen when we would sell Tshirts at our band’s merch table.  the worst!  It’s not like the bank will give you a new one.  it’s just lost money.  I hate getting stolen from.  I don’t think anyone especially likes getting stolen from, come to think of it.  I’ve had stuff stolen on a few occasions, and every time, I take it poorly.


Have a great Wednesday everyone!


if you blink, you’ll miss it!



many, many words.

Josie is getting so big!  her face has changed shape like three times now.  OH MAN!  kids age so fast, and as an adult, time just seems to slip through my fingers!  life is short.





So, saturday was solstice!  Had a great time at the beach with some friends, watching the sun hide behind a mountian at like 8pm, and realizing it wasn’t a great place to watch the solstice sun set.

Here’s a song!

Have a great week everyone!

Time for bed!

2014-6-20Coffee-dog is such an obedient little puppy!  When it works in her favour.  Luckily, she’s still easily manipulatable with treats.

Have a good friday everyone!  And a GREAT week-end!  see you next week.