You win this time, buzzfeed…

2014-6-10ugh.  I get sucked into those stupid headlines and blog titles EVERY TIME.  When I am doing a quick scroll-through, for every one piece of information I actually care about, I scroll past fifteen buzzfeed and huffington post and whatever articles all with a variation on the same title.  The worst part is, I fall for it every time.  I have to remind myself, actually TAKE A SECOND and say to myself, “no. this will not be an interesting article, it’s just a re-hash of old memes.”

Anyways, I know that my comic doesn’t publish in newsfeeds like it used to ever since Facebook changed the way they promote non-pay posts and non-viral news items, but if this pops up in your news feed, I sincerely hope it isn’t an annoyance!  I hope you like these here comics.  It’s fun drawing them, that much is for sure!