For all you scifi fans…

2014-6-11tomorrow, I fully intend on doing a full-page fleshing out of this very idea.  It will likely include no-one on the enterprise ever running for any reason, even if it’s an emergency, picard waxing eloquent, and so much more that I think is hilarious, but might not be. We’ll see if time allows!  I hope you don’t mind indulging me in a couple days of sci-fi related silliness!

Thanks so much for reading the comic everyone!  Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary, which means it’s the 4th-ish-year of me drawing every day because I started drawing this seriously right around the time Diana and I got engaged.  The comics have come a long way, I’m a lot less embarrassed of these then I am of those!

So for everyone who today is just a plain-ol’ wednesday, I hope it is a good day!  Make sure you drink a good cup of coffee, consider watching startrek TNG or aliens, and SOAK IT IN.


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