Cucumber infused water

2014-6-16Yesterday was my first father’s day!  It was a good day.  We had good food with my parents, watched a sweet Tom Selleck “Jesse Stone” made-in-canada glorious murder investigation movie, and drew this little ditty!  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!

It was also the first time IN MY LIFE that I tried “cucumber infused water”.  Also known as a glass of water with veggies soaking in it.  It reminded me a lot of working dish-pit, when we’d have to clean the salad bar.  We used to DARE eachother to drink this crap, and now it’s like, a thing people do.  Not only that, it’s a POPULAR thing people do.  My mom has a “infuser”, which is like, a water bottle MADE for the infusing of fruits and veggies.

Fruits make sense.  Infusing strawberries or apples or whatever is really no different than a lemon slice in a glass of water, but fruits are one thing, and veggies quite another.  And what about tomatoes?  The ever-present category defier!  Do people infuse tomatoes?  Why not just drink the ketchup water?  Or have tomato juice?

Big thanks to my dad for the punch-line brainstorm.