counterfeit dolla billz

2014-6-25I mean, who hasn’t tried to photocopy money?  i mean, like, as a kid?  not as an adult, cause that would land you in JAIL!  And maybe, even kids might go to kid-jail.  Juvee.  However you spell it.  I guess you probably shouldn’t photocopy money, is the moral to the story!  OR put pennies on train tracks, because a)  canada doesn’t make pennies anymore and they will be worth something some day and b)  that’s how TRAIN FIRES start.

I HATE getting counterfeit twenties.  It used to happen when we would sell Tshirts at our band’s merch table.  the worst!  It’s not like the bank will give you a new one.  it’s just lost money.  I hate getting stolen from.  I don’t think anyone especially likes getting stolen from, come to think of it.  I’ve had stuff stolen on a few occasions, and every time, I take it poorly.


Have a great Wednesday everyone!