the oculus rift vs the tetrimino

2014-7-2To be fair, I haven’t been at any convention or anything that has one of these demo’ing.  Or at least, not without a crazy-long line up that i’d never feel like waiting through.  I suppose that in the next few years, the oculus rift will be cheap enough that I might see it around, and by then, it won’t be a big deal anymore!  So, if you’re reading this in the future when everyone has one and they all play tetris and it’s no big deal, well, you probably won’t get why I think this would be funny.

It’s like, when the playstation first came out, people would try to steer the cars by tilting the controller!  That’s how mind blowing the graphical leap was, and how “into it” they were.  …But now, most people play videogames on their phone, and tilting is one of the only ways to control a game!

I remember playing NHL 99 on the playstation one, and my parents were like “woah it’s like watching TV”… even though, in that particular year of NHL for the playstation, the players didn’t have necks.  NO NECKS

Videos of people playing with the oculus rift are pretty funny, people kind of freak out!  I really want to try it out.

Some people have pretty epic last words.  you should google it, it’s interesting!  Have a great day everyone!  😀