Obviously, we play saxaphone for an all-girl cabaret in new orleans.

2014-7-4So, i’m reading through Calvin and Hobbes again!  Something I should really do more often.  I think it’s safe to say that Calvin and Hobbes is the comic strip that made me fall in love with comics.  When I was younger, I loved all of the strips that explored Calvin’s imagination… Spaceman Spiff, Captain Napalm, Any time he was a dinosaur or a bug or whatever.  Now though, while I still enjoy those strips (and the art especially!), I really like the simplicity of the strips that poke fun at life’s existential questions… So, if you didn’t know, this is my take on my favourite-so-far-this-read-through Calvin and Hobbes strip.  You should DEFINITELY read through Calvin and Hobbes, there is no better way you could spend an afternoon!  or a week.