inflation due to snarkiness

2014-7-15Oh man!  based on a true story.

We were at a beach and a guy had an icecream cart/bike thing.  He walked by like a million times.  I overheard him talking to a guy, who was asking him all kinds of questions… it turns out that this guy is a career ice-cream cart guy, and had been doing it for thirty years.  He started fresh out of higschool in Toronto working for some big ice-cream company, and started his own business out in these parts after he learned the ropes.

What else?  I was in a dollar store, and I heard an old lady YELL to her husband, HIGHWAY ROBBERY!  I remember when these were FIFTY CENTS!” It was pretty awkward, but she didn’t seem to be embarrassed, she just seemed to be mad that stuff at a dollar store would cost a dollar.

Diana’s friend Jenette was visiting this last weekend!  Lots of fun, and I rediscovered my love of Wes Anderson movies.  We watched life aquatic and rushmore, next up is Moonrise kingdom, Bottle rocket, Royal Tenenbaums, and whatever else I can get my hands on.

What else?  Oh!  I also hate the word “Treat”.  Fun fact!


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