because, science.

2014-8-28every time that commercial comes on, i make this joke inside my head.  I figured I should get it down on paper.

it’s a cheesy joke, i know, but as you probably know by now, cheese is my bread and butter.

My free Rdio music listens ran out.  I’ve had access to Rdio since I bought my surface for drawing on, and my surface has absolutely no music stored on it, which means that I don’t have music to draw to.  -sad-

Have a great thursday everyone!  the summer is almost over.  Craziness.


it’s bliss, though (clichés galore)

2014-8-27Let me give you an example of what i’m getting at: Sometimes, when my van starts making a funny noise, I think to myself, “Well, it’s not exploding, so i’m sure it’s fine.”  What a terrible way to own a vehicle… But not being a mechanic, a little pinging sound in my car could be anything from sticky brake pads to OH MAN I NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION.  It is definitely easier to just turn up the radio.  But is it better?  of course not.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!



A Canadian Conspiracy Theory

2014-8-26…I should say: I still VERY MUCH prefer the new dark roast to the old regular roast… But that is more of a commentary on their regular roast than it is a complement of the new dark roast.

Tim Hortons!  Man!  What is going on!?  Possibly being bought by Burger King??  Possibly going to start selling Tim Hortons brand beer?  You ever notice how you walk into a tim hortons, and they have like FIFTEEN “new” promos running at once?  Man!  And half the time, 14/15 promos are out of stock.  You want a new cheese bagel?  Too bad!  Who is steering the tim horton’s ship?  no one?  the NHL?  the HARPER GOVERNMENT!? i tell yah.

To my american friends who have no idea what Tim Horton’s is… Just think 1 part “Dunkin’ Doughnuts” and 1 part Canadian sentimentality.

Rant over!  Have a great tuesday everyone!


quiet, peaceful, serene…

2014-8-24Ah, kids.  they’re always kicking soccer balls really hard at yah and throwing Frisbee’s at your face.

Yesterday, cultus lake was an interesting experience.  We usually go to maple bay, which is the beach furthest from the entrance to the park, which is usually the least populated even during the busy weekends.  …This was not the case yesterday.

It’s hard to relax and read a book when there are several different groups of children playing sports HARD a meter away from where your 8 month old daughter is sitting.  And!  and it’s not like we set up our picnic beside sports that were already going!  Nope, they looked at the ENTIRE open field and decided, “Next to that baby will be a good place to play sports”.  AND, they were all just young enough to not be able to control where the ball/frisbee/botche/anything were going.  RELAXING INDEED!

I guess this is how I turn into an old curmudgeon of a man.  I EMBRACE IT.  GET OFF MY LAWN.


A mobile experiment


This comic was drawn on my Samsung galaxy s3!  It was an interesting process.  Between a couple different apps (auto desk sketchbook and infinite design), a pencil and paper and the camera,  I was able to slowly (really slowly) piece this together.  Unfortunately,  I have yet to find an android program that will let me draw at resolutions of 300dpi,  so it still isn’t really an option to develop too much on this platform. …but it is fun!

no one’s safe


with waterslides and hot-tubs come loose band-aids.  it’s just part of the deal.

Have a great day everyone!  tomorrow’s comic is gonna be a bit of a “mobile experiment”.  So!  that should be fun!