all of the hype that your money can buy!


There are two halves of my life!  There’s the grown-up me, who has a wife and a baby daughter and drives a minivan and has a mortgage and needs to exercise more.  There’s also the slightly-less mature me, who draws a comic and drives a scooter and named a dog “coffee” and still thinks they might make a modern transformers movie that doesn’t suck…  Robert and Robbie, the mature and the immature, shoved into one head, collectively known as Rob.

Is it the adult me who feels pressured to adopt gluten-free diets and stuff, or is this feeling of peer pressure a remnant from back when all my friends had N64’s and i rocked the turbografix 16?  By which I mean, is there actually some logic behind the dietary madness, or is it just a big-ol hype machine?

It’s probably both, right?

Every second person I talk to has a polarizing opinion on gluten, or organic food, or (insert dietary choice here), and my usual middle-of-the-road moderation-apathy-philosophy no longer flies in these conversations… PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHERE I STAND ON THE GLUTEN ISSUE!  (not actually).  Here’s my official stance on gluten:

You probably can get away with buying a gluten-free alarm clock.


Author: Rob Shauf

I make comics, I illustrate kids books, and I am passionate about digital art!

2 thoughts on “all of the hype that your money can buy!”

  1. thanks! 😀 I also think it’s OK to buy a sugar-free alarm clock… But those are getting so hard to find!

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