A Canadian Conspiracy Theory

2014-8-26…I should say: I still VERY MUCH prefer the new dark roast to the old regular roast… But that is more of a commentary on their regular roast than it is a complement of the new dark roast.

Tim Hortons!  Man!  What is going on!?  Possibly being bought by Burger King??  Possibly going to start selling Tim Hortons brand beer?  You ever notice how you walk into a tim hortons, and they have like FIFTEEN “new” promos running at once?  Man!  And half the time, 14/15 promos are out of stock.  You want a new cheese bagel?  Too bad!  Who is steering the tim horton’s ship?  no one?  the NHL?  the HARPER GOVERNMENT!? i tell yah.

To my american friends who have no idea what Tim Horton’s is… Just think 1 part “Dunkin’ Doughnuts” and 1 part Canadian sentimentality.

Rant over!  Have a great tuesday everyone!