Introducing DERBIE! everyone’s favourite.

2014-10-1So, I for one am super excited for the addition of “Derbie” to the cast of this comic.  I figure- if I can go 878 comic strips with a main character who can’t even interact with physical objects, i can probably get at least twenty strips out of a character who is actually just my main character talking to himself.

…you know, when inspiration hits like a brick wall, you just gotta ride that wave into the sunset, and if you miss, you’ll hit the stars.

Why the puppet comic?  My mom just made me some pretty amazing puppets of a couple of cartoon characters I made up, called grape and square, so that we can do some live-action “grape and square” extravaganza’s for all the little’uns.  it’s gonna blow their minds.  Needless to say- they turned out amazing (good job mom!), and now I have to figure out how to be a ventriloquist.