Bubble Guppies make me sad

2014-10-14Josie, my daughter, loves the intro to ANY tv shows.  We think it’s because of the fast-and-fun cuts of people doing whatever (think the cast of friends dancing on the couch) coupled with music.  It really doesn’t matter what show it is, if it has an intro with stuff moving and there is music, she loves it.  Top gear, Friends, triple-D, whatever.

Bubble guppies, one of whom i’ve illustrated in the TV, is a TV show for kids about a bunch of little mermaids as they go to school.  There is so much of this show that makes no sense, we’re talkin’ PLOT HOLES, but i mean, this show is basically one big TV intro.  Josie LOVES it.  There’s music all the way through, the same songs at the same intervals throughout the episode… it’s like baby-drugs.

Have a great tuesday everyone!  And if you have something wrong with your eye, don’t touch it!  go see a doctor.