2014-10-17Job, career, calling, vocation, passion… circumstantial?  ordained?  destiny?

It’s weird, thinking back at how I got to where I am in life.  One thing is for sure: I wouldn’t be here today if things always went according to my plans… and I am thankful for where I am today!

If i’ve done my math correctly…  By the end of NEXT week, which would be october the 24th, I will have completed my 400th charlie and the ghost comic in the “new style”.  Well, it isn’t strictly a new style anymore, i’ve done almost as many comics drawing charlie like this as I have in the old way (the banner at the top of the page would best reflect charlie drawn the “old way”).  This is exciting, because I am planning on collecting the 400 comic strips into a book!  My third Charlie and the Ghost book, actually!  woo hoo.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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thanks pamo! yeah, it’s been a bit of a crazy ride. I’m gonna change up the format again after next week, so that’ll be fun! 😀

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