Space Chuck: Web 2

Spacechuck web 2

The Next five pages of the Space Chuck Saga!  This is the second update, and i gotta say, it is really weird not updating every day.  The difficult thing about drawing every day was being able to write something new, and always feeling like i wasn’t.  Now that i’m not writing every day and I have much more time to concentrate on the art, i’m finding that my drawing abilities need to improve!  which is good, that is why I have always done this comic.

the next charlie and the ghost collection is almost complete!  I got the prototype in the mail a while ago, and there are a few problems with it… but it should be done soon!  super excited.

I will be adding a “space chuck archive” on the menu bar this week… still figuring out my options for that.

Have a great week everyone!

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Yay! thanks! it’s gonna take a while to tell it, i’m really debating moving to a twice-a-week schedule, i wanna finish the story sometime this life time! haha.

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