Space Chuck Web: 14

Spacechuck web 14

The saga soldiers on!

I hope everyone’s christmas was enjoyable!  mine was good, lots of family hang-out-times, lots of movies watched and games played.  On saturday, i slept in until like 10pm, which was awesome.

So, you know how my original plan was to update once a week during the duration of this story, and then i was like, “nope, twice a week!”  well, i think time-wise, i need to go back down to once a week.  I am finding that I am slacking on the art to meet the twice-a-week deadline, which is kind of defeating the purpose of this whole story (the purpose being to push the art beyond what i can currently do).  SO!  Mondays it is.  If i have extra time throughout the week, i’ll make the art better or do extra pages, but it’ll still update on mondays.

OK!  thanks for your patience!  😀

A very Space-chuck Christmas

santa sledIn the time that space-chuck is set in, this is what they think santa clause is like.  I’m not sure why though.

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone gets a chance to spend some time with family and friends and eat good food and watch dumb movies.  YAY!


Space Chuck Web #13

Spacechuck web 13


dun dun DUNNN!

it is almost christmas time!  how exciting.

i hope all is well in internet land!  today is the first day that diana is back at work, which means i am totally responsible for keeping our daughter alive and happy.  should be good!




Spacechuck Web #12

Spacechuck web 12Ho man!  I could go for a good couch nap right about now.  For some reason, Josie (days away from being officially one year old) is screaming like a banshee tonight.  As I type this up, we are going on hour 3.  ugh.

Sorry for the lack of update on Monday!  I don’t often break my update schedule, and I don’t particularly like doing it.  Here is my lame excuse:
I applied for a table at my favourite local comic arts festival last spring, and have been waiting to hear back ever since!  In december, they started sending out the invitations, and on Saturday, I got the email telling me I wouldn’t be getting a table at the festival and i was feeling pretty bummed out about it… We were busy all day with birthday whats-its, which meant if I was going to draw the update i would’ve been up late Saturday night, and what with the discouragement and all, i really wasn’t feeling up too it.  But, a few days later and with input from friendly perspectives, i realize that they probably have a full roster of really amazing guests, which will make for a cool convention to attend.  Some day, when they think i’m ready, i’m sure they’ll let me have a table.  Until then, I probably shouldn’t miss my updates.

Alright!   See you monday.


Space Chuck Web #11

Spacechuck web 11

ho boy!  for some reason, this one was a real hum-dinger.  a HUM DINGER I SAY!

Now that I’m not blogging every week day, for some reason, i feel like I have nothing to say in these posts!  So!  from now until this story is done, when I post, I will add a little story complete in and of itself for your reading pleasure.  After this story is done, we’ll see, i might go back to the gag-a-days.  ALL IN DUE TIME!

Today’s story:

Josie, my almost-one-year-old-daughter, just discovered that when the playstation 3 is on it’s menu, and she presses an arrow on the D-pad, the menu shifts over and makes a sound.  This is her new favourite thing, as far as I can tell.  She presses a button, it makes a sound, she giggles with glee, and then takes a huge gulp of milk.  And then, she does it again.  I may have a gaming daughter to contend with!

Space Chuck Web #10

Spacechuck web 10Update number ten!  oh man.

Do me a HUGE favour!  If you like the space-chuck story and you haven’t already, consider who you might share it with!  I’m a very readers-motivated comic guy.  I don’t get ad revenue or any of that kinda stuff, this is PURELY to make me feel good about myself!  FEED MY EGO.  you know?

It’s been a lot of fun doing these comics.  One huge difficulty I had doing daily updates and gag-a-day comics was that I was running out of ideas, i would usually base them off of something that happened to me that day and after 4 years it was becoming easy to repeat myself, making the same jokes, drawing the same pictures, etc.

BUT!  with this, I get to spend more time actually drawing and less time worrying about stuff.  It has been fun.

OK!  Have a great week everyone!  See you on thursday!



Space Chuck Web #9

Spacechuck web 9Happy Thursday!

will our heroes escape the useless ship they once thought was their salvation?  Will they get any of the answers they crave?  TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!

Also- excuse the few spelling errors!  It’ll get fixed before print! 😀

A couple reminders: you can easily read the entire “space-chuck” story by clicking the “ALL the space-chucks” link at the top of the page!  Also, if you click the “store” link, you will see that all my books are $15, including my new book, “that’s not art- a charlie and the ghost collection”.

Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading these silly comics!