Space Chuck Web #8

Spacechuck web 8It’s hard to believe that i’ve only updated this little story only eight times, but i guess when the updates are two megs of PNG, things can progress a little quicker!

If you are actually managing to stick with this comic, you rock!  You are my favourite!  If you are feeling a little lost and would like to easily access all eight updates in order, click this link!  Or, if you prefer, click the “ALL the Space-chucks” tab at the top of the page!

ALSO, it’s DECEMBER FIRST, 2014!  Which means my NEW BOOK IS FOR SALE!  yay!  It is the BIGGEST book I ever made!  I’ve priced it at $15, which is pretty cheap i think, considering it’s MUCH bigger then the old books and has much more content at a much higher level of quality!  It has 400+ comic strips in it, the 2013-2014 week-dailies.  Shipping will bump the price around to the $20.00 range, so if you ever see me and buy it off of me personally, it’ll cost yah $20.00, but if you buy it straight through the store, fifteen!  FIFTEEN DOLLAHS!  awesome.  Click the link!