Space Chuck Web #11

Spacechuck web 11

ho boy!  for some reason, this one was a real hum-dinger.  a HUM DINGER I SAY!

Now that I’m not blogging every week day, for some reason, i feel like I have nothing to say in these posts!  So!  from now until this story is done, when I post, I will add a little story complete in and of itself for your reading pleasure.  After this story is done, we’ll see, i might go back to the gag-a-days.  ALL IN DUE TIME!

Today’s story:

Josie, my almost-one-year-old-daughter, just discovered that when the playstation 3 is on it’s menu, and she presses an arrow on the D-pad, the menu shifts over and makes a sound.  This is her new favourite thing, as far as I can tell.  She presses a button, it makes a sound, she giggles with glee, and then takes a huge gulp of milk.  And then, she does it again.  I may have a gaming daughter to contend with!