Spacechuck Web #12

Spacechuck web 12Ho man!  I could go for a good couch nap right about now.  For some reason, Josie (days away from being officially one year old) is screaming like a banshee tonight.  As I type this up, we are going on hour 3.  ugh.

Sorry for the lack of update on Monday!  I don’t often break my update schedule, and I don’t particularly like doing it.  Here is my lame excuse:
I applied for a table at my favourite local comic arts festival last spring, and have been waiting to hear back ever since!  In december, they started sending out the invitations, and on Saturday, I got the email telling me I wouldn’t be getting a table at the festival and i was feeling pretty bummed out about it… We were busy all day with birthday whats-its, which meant if I was going to draw the update i would’ve been up late Saturday night, and what with the discouragement and all, i really wasn’t feeling up too it.  But, a few days later and with input from friendly perspectives, i realize that they probably have a full roster of really amazing guests, which will make for a cool convention to attend.  Some day, when they think i’m ready, i’m sure they’ll let me have a table.  Until then, I probably shouldn’t miss my updates.

Alright!   See you monday.