they always come crawling back



Of course, i exaggerate!  There are, in reality, a few more than two people who stuck with “space chuck”, thankfully!  And I’m thankful to all of yah!  It’s nice to know people care enough to read my scifi imaginings.

Previous to “space chuck”, the last story-line i did was “slow day” (which is collected in a book you can buy!  Or, you can brave the awful wordpress archives and read it for free!)

One of the advantages to daily comic strips over-and-above a long-form storyline is that it’s a new thing every day (so if you don’t like today’s comic, tomorrow’s is only 24 hours away!)  One huge advantage to a longer, story-driven arc is that I can spend less time coming up with trying to make a daily comic and spend more time working on the art and other stuff.

So!  I’m going to do what comics have done since the beginning of comics!  Weekly stories!  What a novel idea.  Comics, where each strip stands alone, but is also part of a longer arc.  What a solution!

This week’s will be 4 strips long, starting with this one!  So, hopefully, we’ll see you back here tomorrow! 😀