Black, blue, gold and white

cge003I think THIS is the key to internet success!  I’m only a few weeks behind. WHAT COLORS DO YOU SEE?


Like that star trek reference, soon too, the joke behind the color scheme of this comic will fade out of immediately accessible public knowledge.   So I will offer my summery for reasons of posterity:

Once upon a time, someone took a bad picture of a dress.  The color of the dress, as the picture showed it, was black and blue; however, because the picture wasn’t of great quality, it was possible to see the dress as being gold and white (when one compensated for things like poor exposure/white balance/etc in HOW they saw the colors… Kind of like if you have a blue car infront of a sunset, it’ll still look like a black silhouette.).  People fought about this relentlessly for a WHOLE WEEKEND.  Brother fought against brother; father against son.  I think a few countries disbanded…. It was the apocalypse.

I have made this comic to pay my repsects to those who fell in the great “what color is this dress” internet flame-war of early 2015, knowing full well that the people of mid-to-late 2015 won’t remember the controversy of the dress at all, nor the lessons we as a species learned about respecting those we disagree with, nor any of the lives that the flame-war tragically claimed.

And also, to try and exploit the Black-blue Gold-white hashtags while they still are being searched, though i may have missed that bus by a week.