Let’s call the whole thing off


BIG NEWS!  I got a table at vancaf!  woooooo! this is literally a dream come true.  Living in chilliwack, I don’t bump into a lot of people who care about comics as much as I do.  It’s gonna be bliss, chilling with other comic creators!  So, mark it on your calendar, show up, admission is free and it’ll be a LOT of fun!

So! about a month ago, I made the switch from my surface pro one to a surface pro 3.  What does that mean, and why do you care?  It means i’m changing how i draw, and you probably don’t care!  haha.  But!  if that is something that interests you, read on.

The big differences between the first Microsoft Surface Pro and the surface pro 3 are the following:

1) the screen is a lot bigger, and a better ratio, which makes it much better for drawing on.  Since I got this, I haven’t even been tempted to plug in my medium intuos 5, i just don’t need it for drawing (although i think i’d still want it for design stuff).
2) the pen technology isn’t wacom anymore, it’s N-trig.  It draws a lot different, not in a bad way, just differently.  It takes some getting used to.  You can adjust the pressure curve both through an app that microsoft developed, and also right in Manga Studio (which is what i’ve used to draw for a couple years now).  All of the things i didn’t like about the new pen tech can be solved by wearing a ridiculous glove with the thumb, pointer and middle finger cut out (it really looks stupid, but it’s worth it to be cut off from a drawing desk and makes the pen behave properly.)
3)  The kick-stand on the back of the surface now lets you put it at an angle that’s actually good for drawing!  Which again, means i don’t need a desk at all.

Some of what that means is this:  You’ll probably see things like line width and just general drawing style change over the next little bit, as I’m trying to figure out how to get the pen to respond similarly to how the ol’ wacom pen responded.  Or, maybe, i’ll just get used to having thinner lines and more detail.  I don’t know! we’ll see!

Thanks for indulging my little art-nerd-out.