“recommended” ≠ “unnecessary”

cge010So, i’ve had these annoying little bouts of vertigo for a few years.  I’ve gone to doctors, and i’ve gone to specialists.  I’ve gotten ultrasounds and cat scans and i’ve seen specialists, all of them trying to figure out why this is happening.  They determined that It could be an ear pressure thing due to sinusitis, which isn’t that big of a deal, it’s just very annoying.  Now, i’m sort of used to it.  BUT!

We’re at the optometrist, getting glasses to replace my 5+ year old glasses.  The optometrist thinks its odd that i can see better out of my OLD glasses, and the optician takes a little tool and measures the curve of the lenses on my current glasses.  Apparently, it is common and possible and recommended that these curves are the same… But!  my lenses each had a very different curvature.  The possible result of this is: discomfort, dizziness, disorientation.

So it’s nice that I have that all figured out.  Lesson learned:  Get eyes checked on the recommended schedule.