Constructive Criticism

cge016Normally, when I draw cars, I get a reference pic and try to make it as close as I can… but where’s the fun in that?  So this is my version of my little hyundai accent!  …not entirely accurate!


the bane of every commuter’s existence!  I’m thankful i don’t have a long commute anymore.  When I was living in Chilliwack and going to college in Abbotsford (which is hardly a long commute, only about half an hour) the construction of a wire barrier between the lanes on the freeway was taking place.  Sometimes, it didn’t make any difference.  Sometimes, people would decide to go 15 kmh on the freeway, and i’d get to class when it was half over.

Today, I am commuting to vancouver island!  So my normally 15 minute on a scooter commute is going to be closer to 4 hours!  but at least 2 hours of it is on a boat.