Where two or three are gathered

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Well, so ends another week of Charlie and the Ghost!

The next few weeks are going to be CRAZY BUSY…  I’m debating on whether i should do MWF Color strips, or MTWTF black and white strips, i just don’t think i’ll have time to color every day until mid july.

Let me know your preferences!  😀

Smartwatch, dumb people

smartwatch exercising

Well, what can I say. I think the first week of colorful Charlie and the Ghost’s has been a success! I hope you like these too. If you do, would you consider sharing them on facebook, twitter, or reddit? It really helps me out huge, knowing that people enjoy these and are reading them.

Adventure, thwarted by reality


The sad reality is that raccoons exist, and will totally destroy my little dog.  I’ve only ever seen raccoons in our tiny townhouse backyard once or twice, but i’ve seen them around the neighborhood probably on a weekly basis, and they are mean little brutes!  A couple years ago, in our youth group, we had a group of about 6 japanese foreign exchange students.  We were on a photo scavanger hunt, and we just happened to find a couple of raccoons in a field.  They were SO excited!  they ran over to it and were trying to get selfies with it, and this the raccoon was getting more and more agitated and angry, and oh MAN that could of ended badly.  Instead, they got some great selfies, and they got to laugh at my attempts at japanese.

Charlie gets a Pebble

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Ah, the technology comics.  Pebble: you weren’t a bad muse.

So, a week later, and I still really love my Pebble.  it’s been so long since i’ve worn a watch that I actually forget to look at it for the time.  I’ve asked Diana “What time is it?” and she’s replied, “I don’t know, you’re the one with a watch.”

My favorite part about it is the notifications, and the ability to send canned responses.  Many of the texts that I get don’t need to result in text conversations, and this really helps with that.  Not to mention, my Note 3 is getting 4 days of battery on a single charge.  I just don’t use it as much.

I do feel like a nerd, but that’s OK.  My favourite watch theme is one based on LCARS from star trek, BUT it is the only watchface i can find that has the time, the weather and conditions, the battery life, day of the week, month and day of the month, as well as y/m/d all attractively arranged!  So, while it may appear that I have a star trek watchface because I’m just that much of a nerd, actually i’m just a practical nerd.

Have a great weekend everyone!  For those of you who are graduating: congrats!  See you here next week.