Adventure, thwarted by reality


The sad reality is that raccoons exist, and will totally destroy my little dog.  I’ve only ever seen raccoons in our tiny townhouse backyard once or twice, but i’ve seen them around the neighborhood probably on a weekly basis, and they are mean little brutes!  A couple years ago, in our youth group, we had a group of about 6 japanese foreign exchange students.  We were on a photo scavanger hunt, and we just happened to find a couple of raccoons in a field.  They were SO excited!  they ran over to it and were trying to get selfies with it, and this the raccoon was getting more and more agitated and angry, and oh MAN that could of ended badly.  Instead, they got some great selfies, and they got to laugh at my attempts at japanese.

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They lie on the golf course and won’t move. That angers the golfers. But if I was a coyote, I wouldn’t be scared of an angry man in weird pants and a polo shirt.

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