Random, busy, cheater week

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Oh man!  What a busy week!  To give you an idea of what occupied my time…
1) mixing and mastering a 12 song kids CD recorded with our youth band
2) creating 4 two minute video clips each day (one of which is a cartoon) for a total of 40 minutes worth of video created!
3) a bunch of little things that would take too long to explain!

in any case, there was a lot of time spent putting my two work computers through their paces… when one was rendering animation, the other was exporting composites and my personal laptop was bouncing the music.  Of course, the nerd in me likes that nerdy stuff, but it sure leaves a person creatively bankrupt, which is why I thought i probably wouldn’t be able to make comics this week.

This week of comic updates was strange for a few reasons:
1)  I thought i’d be too tired to do ANYTHING, but drawing for me can still be relaxing!  weird in a good way.
2)  I drew the pictures first and thought up the writing second.  weird in a bad way.

I have always had the problem of wanting to draw and figuring out the writing after… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  I started refusing to draw until I had stuff written down and fleshed out a couple years ago.  Writing is stressful for me, it’s tricky to think up something worth reading, but is super important!  it’s very backwards to think that a story will just write itself after it’s been drawn.  Or at least for me it is.

So, this week of drawing FELT like a couple of years ago, when I never wrote ahead of time, but the drawing was really enjoyable.  Which brings me to my third “weird” realization:

3) which is better:
i)  Have fun drawing, slack on writing, ‘meh’ comics?
ii)  Work on writing, meh on drawing, ‘much better’ comics?

Who knows!