Swan song

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And so, this is the end… but calling it my swan song might be a bit dramatic. Like any pro-athlete’s retirement, you can count on this not being the actual end of me doing the thing in which i am saying it is the end of me doing (this is the only thing i have in common with pro athletes).  It own’t even be the end of this site!  But it is the end of updating this comic every week-day.

I’m going to make OTHER things!  Music!  Stories!  Story books! Choose your own adventure novels (because WHY NOT!?)  Paintings! SO MUCH MORE!  I’m even going to be making (spoiler alert) COMICS!  Which i will post here from time to time.  Swan song?  More like, out of the ashes the phoenix arises!

To those who have faithfully read (or binge read from time to time, which also counts!) these comics and blogs, thank you!  There were TWO reasons I drew this comic: to practice drawing, and for you to read them.  YOU are one of those two reasons!  Thanks for supporting me over the years by buying a book, or by actually reading the book i gave you, by sharing a comic on facebook, writing some encouraging words, or any of the many other ways you’ve taken time to enjoy these comic strips.  I like trying to make you all laugh, and that is what makes it hard to move on!  But move on I must.

And now, some of the “why”.  As previously mentioned, other than you, this comic has existed to make me draw every day (with the hopes of getting better)… And for almost 5 years, it succeeded in doing just that!  But over the last year, i’ve slowly realized something!

As i got better, instead of making better art, (and while the art did improve) i basically made the same art, just faster… So whereas it used to take me a couple hours to make something that looks like this, now, it only takes me about forty five minutes to make something that looks like this.  But!  But what If I really want to be making stuff that looks like… This?  Or this?  Or this?  The fact of the matter is getting better at drawing C&G comic strips has ONLY resulted in me spending less time drawing better C&G comic strips.  I haven’t drawn every day for half a year, i mostly draw the weeks updates in a marathon monday as my daughter has her nap.

And so, it is time to move on.  Bigger and better things lie ahead for sure!