Vanity, thy name is Charlie.

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From grocery store judging to the humiliation of dishwasher repair, this week’s updates see our hapless hero guarding his precious ego from the hardships of “not being able to afford apple products”, “driving through a sketch neighborhood” and “being duped by social media.”  Hypocritical, egotistical, all bark and no bite!  Just another week here at Charlie and the Ghost! 😉

I sort of like trying to find a theme that run through the weeks updates.  By the way- if you are still getting these comics primarily through email, and you are wondering why you are getting 5 non-continuous comic strips in your inbox, know that I am updating every day (but for some reason, wordpress will only send out the blog updates and not the comic updates themselves).  So, if you are bored and in need of something to “internet” throughout the week, you can get these bad boys EVERY DAY if you go to!  (PLUS, you get them at a bit higher resolution without having to click on them.)