All over the map!

cge124 cge125 cge126 cge128 cge127

This week’s updates were a little more random then usual.
My goals for this comic have changed over the years.

Probably now, there are two main reasons i make this comic (which sort of conflict with eachother).  The first is because drawing and making these comics is a huge stress reliever.  The second is because i would like to become a master at this.  The first is a very short-term, day to day sort of goal, the second is something i hope will happen as I continue developing this habit.  The first is satisfied by cutting corners and making it fit during busy days, the second will only really be satisfied if i slow down and take time to do it right.

Anyhoo!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Author: Rob Shauf

I make comics, I illustrate kids books, and I am passionate about digital art!

2 thoughts on “All over the map!”

  1. Thanks Pamo! I really appreciate all the encouragement you always give me! SOMEDAY, we will meet at a comic convention somewhere and i will give you free merch! haha

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