A few weeks worth!

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So, if you haven’t watched through the “two friends” video I posted at the top of the page, please do!  It is a story i wrote in 2008, drew in 2009, re-drew in 2015 and animated last week!  I had a few friends help me with the voice work, and i am really happy with how it turned out!  give it a watch and a share if you wouldn’t mind. 😀

Its nice working on bigger projects like that, which are released all at once.  Updating daily allows for a lot of content, updating less regularly allows for more depth and subtlety (although, i wouldn’t say “two friends” is subtle).  Anyways!  Just things i’m thinking about! 😀

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Thanks Pamo! haha yeah that open letter one was especially cheeky… But MAN has facebook been taken over by them!

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