NEW BOOK: Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

Broken Clock

That’s right! Available HERE for the low-low price of $12 Canadian dollars plus shipping (and, if you’re american, even cheaper!), is the FINAL PRINT COLLECTION of all the Charlie and the Ghost Strips that I believe to be worthy of being included in a “best of” book, along with a few fun extras.

Click the link up there, or just click here.  I mean, it doesn’t cost anything to link to the storefront, so maybe i’ll just link this entire paragraph from this point on.  Browse through the preview!  Send a copy to a friend!  The options are limitless!

The thing i specifically tried to do with this book is pick comics that stand on their own two feet.  A SHOCKING amount of my comic archive requires a person to be my wife to understand!  But this book should be enjoyable to anyone who likes comics, and not just people i’m married to.  SO!  If you’ve ever wanted to buy one of my books, i suggest that THIS would be the one to get!

It’s also the last Charlie and the Ghost book I intend on printing.  I’ll still make strips, maybe one or two a week!  BUT i’ll just collect them in PDF’s for your reading enjoyment.

ANYWAYS! help me out, spread the word!  buy a book! yay!