Leapfrogging through time



Time to update the blog! what to say, what to say…

I’ve been drawing primarily on the iPad pro since i wrote the blog post saying i prefer the surface pro.  Turns out i don’t really need all the power of the surface pro and manga studio to draw charlie and the ghost.  Don’t get me wrong, I do miss the vast amount of features, but as this post hopefully demonstrates, NOT having all those features has actually been a creative catalyst.  Who knew limitations could be artistically inspiring?  wait- EVERYONE knows that.

If you like these comics, might I encourage you to purchase a book?  I just got a bunch of “best of” charlie and the ghost books in stock, so if you live locally (or not) and are interested, i’m selling them for $10 plus shipping if necessary!

Comics for days!


I love comics! i love making them, reading them, watching them, etc.

if YOU might like comics, might I recommend purchasing a “best of Charlie and the Ghost” book!?  They’re only $10.00!  And I have a bunch stocked up (and have for a while, but keep forgetting to say so) so when you see me, give me ten bucks and i’ll give yah one.  Or, if you feel like spending more money for the exact same thing, head on over to the lulu store and pick one up that-a-ways!  You’ll be providing me and my family with delicious pizza money.  THANKS!