Snowed in, part deux!


Well, as the title suggests, we’re snowed in again.  It’s highly unusual here to be snowed in AT ALL, so you know, everyone’s goin’ a bit cabin feverish!  But I built an ikea dresser.  And played in the snow for a bit.  And watched a bunch of youtube videos about animating.  Oh yeah!  I have a renewed interest in animation, and you should watch this video my friend made (and I did the animating for!)


I also thought it would be a good time to once again update the blog section of this here site!   Kids are getting older, i’m getting more sleep, and life is good.  IF you like this here comic, why not share the link to this blog post with one of yer buds!  It’s a fairly good cross-section of what this here site is all about.

Anyways, happy content generating!  😀