Phasing out the Ghost


Well, the summer is almost over!  Which means my crazy weekly routine is about to start back up again, with one major difference:  Diana’s maternity leave is over, so my “days off” are now “daddy solo parenting days!”  WHICH are fun, but may not be conducive to comic production.  OR, maybe they will!  The older they get, the more independent they are, so I might find that I have EVEN MORE free, comic-making time!  We’ll see (Which is the parent way of saying, “yeah, that’s not gonna happen” haha)

In any case, one thing that’s made making these comics enjoyable again is not using the Ghost as much.  Drawing is fun!  Ghost isn’t really that fun to draw.  I was thinking of doing a ghost redesign, to make her a bit less phallic looking, but we’ll see.

Anyways, happy fall everyone!