A blog update!


I’ve been reading a lot of weird comics lately (Gyo: The Death Stench Creeps by Junji Ito would be a good example) and it’s made me wonder if I could make weird horrorish stuff.

I call it “Propane eagle” and it’s proof that I can’t make weird horrorish stuff.  Only weird sorta lame looking stuff.  haha!

I call that one, “I’ll always like robots.”

The pretzel comic marks another 100 Charlie and the ghost comics (made on the surface… I’ve probably made another 30 on the mac, and a few on the ipad) that I’ve made after I said I wasn’t gonna make them anymore.

Welp, some habits aren’t easy to break!  Charlie and the Ghost may always be my creative crutch!

I’ve also made a short comic book about a homebrew RPG I made in college.  If you want a funny nerdy read, message me some how and I’ll get you a .pdf!