Oops, I forgot to update again


These mega-posts have gotten a little out of hand.  When I was drawing these more regularly, I tried to do a blog post once-a-week to get all that weeks strips collected in one place.  Now that I make these somewhat less regularly, I tend to forget how many I’ve made in between blog posts and it gets a little long.

Three things worthy of mentioning!

  1. iPad pro finally got a proper drawing PROGRAM.  Not some weak-sauce scaled down APP, but the full-blown full featured CLIP STUDIO!  AKA, photoshop for people who only care about drawing.  And it’s glorious.  It even has keyboard support and customizable hot-keys.  And I STILL can’t stand to draw on the iPad other than as a way to kill some time, because I just can’t stand the apple Pencil.  It’s too clunky.  People say it’s more accurate but I just don’t like using it.  Ever since iPad2 days, I’ve been waiting for a first party pressure sensitive pen and an app that can properly utilize it.  This is as close as we’ve gotten so far, and I still BY FAR prefer drawing on the surface pro.
  2. I’ve just done some illustrations for a kid’s book.  I much prefer drawing what other people have written!  It’s like, I don’t have to spend any time making sure the writing works, I can just draw.  Why haven’t I pursued this before?? It’s like I get to spend time doing the part I actually LIKE doing!
  3. …Getting paid to draw is the best.  It makes it feel… legitimate?  Honestly!  I’ve gotten money for illustrations before, but it was more like I was doing someone a favor, and they reward me with some pizza money.  Maybe it’s the difference between being given something and feeling like you’ve earned something?  EARNING some money doing something you love is a great feeling.  In any case, I was GIVEN an opportunity to do some illustrations, and it was such a great experience.  I’d like to do more of that.