Painting the office

This moment brought to you by, me sneakily painting my office at night! Some jobs require your undivided attention. I used to paint for a living, so I can safely say that painting is not one of those jobs! But it does require some attention, and apparently my attention runs out around 9:30pm.

She’s growing up

We have this height measuring growth chart board thing attached to a wall in our house and it’s demonstrating with tangible markings what I already knew to be true in my heart: MY KIDS ARE GROWIN’ UP. The growth chart proves it, and so does the fact that they’re getting harder to bench press.

But still… what keeps catching me off guard is how she’s becoming more aware of her world without my help. I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint the Netflix documentary where this polar bear gem came from (combined with a healthy dose of kindergarteners learning about pollution). I didn’t learn about that stuff until grade four!

In other news, when did it become okay to only put one space in-between a period and a new sentence? I don’t even think I can do that. It’s like, relearning to breathe! 😀

Marketing mambo

If you wanna be a lawyer, you gotta pass the bar. I don’t think it’s good enough to simply say, “I took the test.” That is, unless you’re selling a product! The assumption is the test was passed, but assumptions are what marketing prey on.

From the packaging, I wonder if the pediatrician smeared some on their forehead and said, “it doesn’t run into my eyes”. Anyways, just a thought I had after all the “sunscreen chemical burning children” talk last year: I’d like to know if it is approved, not just that it has been tested.

I mean, my kids sunburn at the drop of a hat, so it’s not like we have much choice either way.

Also, I’m aware the expression is “mumbo jumbo” but I like marketing mambo better.

So long sweet summer

It’s cold where you’re going, I hope that your heart’s always warm! Points to you if you know the song and as you read that, it started playing in your head. There’s a special place in my heart for whiny 2000’s emo. Maybe you share that particular brand of nostalgia?

All good things must come to an end! But every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end, which means the end is where you begin, and I’m running out of songs to quote. I am looking forward to the fall, but I will definitely miss the pace of sabbatical. I feel very rested, so mission accomplished.

On books

I find academic books to be the worst for this. It’s like, if there are important ideas on a page, apparently the writer doesn’t need to be bothered with trying to organize their thoughts in a way that is appealing. Who is lazy, really: me, for hating a boring book, or the writer who didn’t even try to make it engaging?

I’ve been reading lots this summer. For fun, for school, and for work. My favourite read for fun has been “I want to eat your pancreas”. Strange title, but it’s a really sweet love story (if you don’t mind manga). For school, I’ve enjoyed “Christ’s call to Discipleship”. It’s a book with little fluff and a layout that communicates clearly, it’ll make it a useful reference book in the future. For work, I’ve been on sabbatical and I’ve read a ton… but my favourite read has been “Gospel fluency”. It’s accessible and does what many Christian books don’t do- it presents an idea, and then actually fleshes it out with relevant examples and counterpoint. Imagine that!

It’s one of my vices (sp?)

If you want something bad enough, and your heart is pure, and you use a vice grip, you will achieve success. Right?

Apparently, it’s spelled Vise grip. Who knew? Have a great Sunday!

Surely not

In pop culture, this is a pretty common representation of what Christianity is and what Christians believe. I think it’s an inadequate representation, but I also think it probably lines up adequately enough with what people commonly experience of Christianity that people accept it pretty easily (especially if their experience is only informed by pop culture).

Screen shot is taken from The Boys, on prime video… but this idea is everywhere in pop culture.

They say, “write what you know.”

Sometimes I have a funny idea pop into my head and I can make that into a comic… but more often, I’m thinking about stuff like this. I hope you don’t mind a comic that isn’t funny from time to time. I’ve realized that I think three panels at a time and that making comics about stuff helps me articulate what I’m thinking through.