Somebody thinks highly of themselves

I’m not going to name names, but I mean, come on Chilliwack greasy spoons, the tip starts at 18% and I didn’t get a coffee refill once in an hour?

A cameo

Today a kid at church came up to me and said, “I love Charlie and the ghost comics!” And it was very encouraging! Their parents had given him one of my old collections and he gave it a read through, and so I figured I’d drag the ghost out of obscurity for a quick cameo. Chuck made the gogomachrocketsheep cut, the ghost did not.

Artistic licence

I was going to say that nobody wants to see Spider-Man pull his hamstring or the Wasp in a super suit that’s actually comfortable, but that might actually be a super entertaining read. I mean, there are many people with superheroesque body types, but they don’t tend to be the ones running billion dollar corporations, or really, doing much either than working out to maintain their physique. Anyways! Happy Saturday!

Existential dread

Big thanks to my brother for the help on getting this one sorted out!

Of course, the reason I’m not freaked out by black holes and rogue asteroids is because of this fact, which I learned from Star Trek: The enterprise will always swoop in just in time. “But Rob, the enterprise isn’t real” I hear you saying, “You’re living in a world of science fantasy! Join us in science reality, won’t you?” Well, to be honest, I guess I have just enough little problems occupying my mind that I don’t have time to worry about cosmic cataclysm.

In other news, cataclysm is BY FAR my favourite word.

The king of one liners

I would never subject you, my cherished readers, to that sort of a thing. *cough*

I’d like to be the kind of person where, if there’s ever a microphone and an audience and for some reason there needs to be like 20 minutes filled, I’d have like a ton of original one liners queued up and ready to go. Unfortunately, they’d be of the caliber represented in this comic strip. For all I know, somebody else has already written those jokes. Anyways! Have a great Thursday everyone, and thanks for reading!

He’s going the distance

Who doesn’t love a good “get pumped up” driving song? And after watching exciting car shows like “fastest car” and “hyperdrive” I find myself at intersections revving my poor little hyundai’s Four cylinder and getting caught up in the music playing in my imagination. Of course, my mind isn’t always firing on all fours, and lyrics are easily forgotten (or modified).

The distance! My favourite pump up driving song of all time! And upon closer reflection, as far as I can tell, it’s about the downfall of corporate America and the toll it workaholism takes on personal relationships. While musically it is very motivating, lyrically it mocks the motivation. Gotta love it!


So many good shows on tv these days. Compelling stories, cinematic aptitude, original ideas, great stuff! The last few nights I’ve been drawing I’ve had netflix’s Hyperdrive on and, well, I haven’t got much drawing done! It’s too compelling!

Anyways, in the last week, Our house has wrapped up no less then 3 tv series. Yeesh! What are you watching these days?