Comic strips

When I tabled at the Vancouver comic arts festival, I was struck by how narrow my definition of comics was. To me, comics was Calvin and Hobbes, Penny Arcade, and Questionable Content. If you go back in my archives, you’ll see that I was making a comic strip called “Charlie and the ghost”, that was my main creative jam. A quick perusal of the other tables and other people making comics showed me that, other than the big-time webcomics people, most people weren’t making comic strips. If they were, it was a mini-comic zine project. Most people were doing short form or long form stories, real raw stuff. People were polite about my stuff but it was definitely a bit out of place. Long story short, I experienced there was a slight difference in perception and reception between “comics” and “comic strips”. Luckily I had some zines and short form story stuff that people liked well enough.

People still love comic strips. A quick browse of instagram will show you that, while everybody loves a good meme and a clever tweet, comic strips are still alive and well.

At cloudscape a few weeks ago, someone was saying how it takes a different skill set to make comics then it does to make comic strips, and that he admired people who can make a good comic strip, and it was like something clicked. That’s actually when I resurrected this site and started making Go Go Mach Rocket Sheep comic strips. I’ll still make space chuck and whatever other comic projects that come up, but I really enjoy trying to make stuff three or four panels at a time (and I always have).