Good point

My phone is truly horrendous to behold. It no longer causes eye strain though! Just in case you’re sick of using your smartphone all the time and wanted to try a similar experiment, here’s what you do (on an iPhone)

Go to settings – general – accessibility – display accommodations. Turn on “smart invert” (it inverts the colour of everything but photos and videos and icons) then turn on colour filters (I put greyscale on). Last but not least, reduce the white point by 100%. The result is a screen that is mostly black most of the time with information visible without the advantage of using colour to organize the information- the user interface is harder to navigate and it makes every app feel like a chore. Demotivating in all the right ways! Finally, being lazy pays off in the formation of a good habit.

The only reason I still have a smartphone is because I use google maps pretty much daily. Else, it’d be a dumb—phone for me!